Dr. Natalie Fikac is an engaging, personable and thoughtful facilitator. I highly recommend Natalie for working with your organization's leaders no matter what stage of leadership each of them is leaders, veteran leaders...anyone who just wants to become an even better leader than they already are! Have the courage to step into vulnerability as a'll be glad you did! I thoroughly enjoyed my time learning from and with Natalie in her first Dare to Lead cohort! I will use the tools to be a daring leader...I'm ready to rumble!!!

Natalie is a phenomenal leader and presenter. The Dare to Lead training I was able to participate in truly was a life changing experience for me both personally and professionally. If you lead a team of any kind, it will certainly revolutionize your organization once the skills in this training are learned and implemented. Even if you aren't necessarily a leader of a team, but would like to improve how you interact with the people in your life, this training will greatly benefit anyone who participates in it. I appreciate Natalie's transparency and sense of calm she brought to our group. She facilitated a safe space to process and discuss hard things. I now feel brave and ready to rumble in my own life!

If you are considering this training hesitate no more—it will be TRANSFORMATIONAL. Brené Brown knows her stuff and her southern charm will keep you giggling as you process some pretty deep topics. Lots of self-discovery paired with meaningful dialogue and tools you can immediately begin to use. Natalie’s experience and insight made her an ideal facilitator and the personal touches truly made our training feel like a retreat. Hard conversations were had, tears were shed, and friends were made in the short sixteen hours we had together.