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A Funny Thing Happened....

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

A funny thing happened....a little more than seven months ago, in January 2019 I made a HUGE life decision to make a change! I decided to take a break from public education after twenty-three years and began working for a nonprofit supporting mental health (which I love!). As I started on this new life journey, I decided after much time, reflection, prayer and positive pushes from my family, friends and colleagues to just go for it! I decided to create my own business (LLC) and begin work in the consultation realm.

The steps to make this happen went like this: make the BIG decision (true vulnerability at its finest!), decide on a name (this name came to me in a dream after an amazing homily at mass :) ), have a super-artistic talented friend create a logo making sure to include a teacup in the graphic because "You can't pour from an empty cup" (TU Kasey!), create the LLC via Legal Zoom (not as hard as I imagined), conquer banking and accounting issues (not too bad either), create a website (easy-peasy and I am not very "techno"), create and order business cards (who doesn't enjoy this!?!), create a FB page (FUN!) and then put myself out there (probably the part that was the scariest where I had to really lean into prayer, support and positivity!).

Fast forward to the middle of June 2019 I was blessed and fortunate enough to spend about twenty-four hours with Brené Brown and her team in San Antonio; along with about 80 other men and women from all around the world. This was a facilitator training I had applied for last Fall 2018 not knowing of any kind of career change, LLC formation, etc.God is cool like that! I have been a fan of Brené for several years and have read all of her books; multiple times. Her book, Dare to Lead cemented my passion for working with leaders and aspiring leaders.This three day facilitation training was amazing - it was tough, self-reflective, exhausting, exciting, exhilarating and fun all at the same time. Experiencing this training and taking a deep dive into her curriculum changed the way I parent, the way I lead, the way I counsel, the way I facilitate and the way I show up.

Fast forward to this past Thursday, July 11th - the first day of my first "Dare to Lead Mini-Retreat". (cue sleepless nights, nerves, anxiety and excitement all at once!) I spent hours learning, relearning, creating a presentation and timeline, ordering and prepping materials, etc. for this big day. I created the "mini-retreat" concept because I knew that breaking the curriculum up would be the best way to develop a community of leaders, to have time to process and time between sessions for self-reflection. I spent four evenings and early mornings with a group of eight amazing ladies. This was a true group of superheroes! The time that we spent together was one of the most meaningful experiences that I have had in my adult life. This work broke all of us down and built all of us back up individually and collectively and we ended this time together late last night with new lifelong and lasting friendships. This first group of leaders that I was blessed to facilitate named themselves "Cohort 1der Women". This group of Daring Leaders have already created a FB group and we have collaborated multiple times today. Connections have been made, relationships formed and friendships created with a common language of daring leadership.

A funny thing see....when I started on this "Be Well, Lead Well" journey I was not aware of the relationships that would be forged and the authentic connections that would be made. Thanks be to God for planting this seed and for my family, friends and colleagues for watering it!

Be Well, Lead Well,

Natalie :)



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